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I Am Here To HelpIm Ready To BuyThe Home Buying Process

No Matter What Kind Of Property You Are Looking For – I Am Here To Help.

I can help you purchase any type of property, from any type of buyer including – For Sale By Owners, Estates, and From Family Members or friends. If you are purchasing through a family member or someone close to you, I can offer services to both parties saving the selling side money.

Im Ready To Buy, Now What?

  1. Call me, let me know you are ready to buy, I offer representation to my buyers at no cost,
    If you need help finding a lender I know of many, If you have questions or certain needs just let me know. What we will do is set up an appointment to meet and go over the details, here I will answer all your questions, we will set up a property search meeting your needs and I will explain the buying process.

  2. At this time you should contact a lender or your credit union to see what you qualify for. There are a lot of programs out there offering different terms and rates, getting familiar with these different types of loan programs is important. For instance there is the USDA loan which offers zero down loans in rural areas, an FHA 203k loan which is a fixer loan, There is also the difference of working with a bank, credit union or mortgage broker. Each offers different loans, programs and products. A mortgage broker is able to use your information once and run through many lenders helping you find a good fit without running your credit all over town.

  3. Now we will begin the journey of house hunting, when we find the home we move onto the buying process.

What Exactly Is The Home Buying Process?

As with all buyers – you must be able to provide a pre approval from your lender, or proof of funds showing you have the funds to buy. You will also need earnest money, this is usually 1% of the sales price of the home and due upon an accepted offer.
Also be aware of closing costs, they usually run about 3.5% of the sales amount, when you have a home in mind your lender should be able to give you an estimate of closing and prepaids that will be due at closing.
Your Agent will be able to help you negotiate these in your offer, although it is always recommended to have some funds available should closing or prepaids change at closing – this occurs due to proration of taxes and rates per day to the closing date. The seller may even decide they will not negotiate the whole amount.
Before the first offer is submitted your agent will do a market evaluation on the property as well as order a Trio which is a copy of the tax and title, your agent will compile all data to price the property and make sure you are making a reasonable offer per current area market value.
Your offer will then be submitted to the homeowner, once accepted the seller will sign and release
the sellers property disclosure, this contains property information known and unknown by the seller.
The terms of the offer agreed upon are then set in motion, such as when and where to pay earnest money – this will be paid to the title and escrow company agreed upon in the offer, the inspection period begins – the time frame you gave yourself is the time you have to get the inspection(s) complete and either accept the property , negotiate further or request repairs to be complete.
In the background title begins a title search, and researches the title and any property liens, your lender and agent will be putting everything together to meet the closing date.
Your lender will most likely request more information from you as time has passed since your first pre approval.
An Appraisal will be ordered by your lender when all criteria has been met.
The Title and Escrow company will prepare a Preliminary title report, showing you all out standing liens, taxes and any form of easements or rights on the property.
This will ensure a clean title report when the property closes and catch anything that the buyer or seller may not have been aware of. This also makes for an insurable title. Title will also be in contact with your lender at this time sharing property information.
Once your lender has all documents in order and the appraisal has been complete, your lender will send the documents to title.
When received your title and escrow officer will contact the seller and buyer along with the agents to schedule for signing – here the closing documents will be signed by both the seller and the buyer – During this time any closing or prepaid costs are due in full.
Once signed by all, the documents will be sent back to your lender to be signed off on to release funds, usually funds are released the following day.
Once funds are released and funded the title and escrow officer records title with the county in which the property was purchased. The title and escrow officer calls all parties to let them know that the title has been recorded with the county and the agent is able to release keys to your new property. Congratulations You Are Now A Home Owner !!!!!