What Is A Home Inspection?

I recommend a home inspection to all of my buyers, The decision to get a home inspection is important it makes you aware of everything going on with the property. The sellers may have no information to share in the sellers property disclosure or be unaware if anything is going on with the property in general.

In the offer we submit there is an inspection period – during this time you can have any inspections you see fit, the typical inspections are The professional home inspection, a sewer scope, irrigation inspection, well and/or water testing, Each inspector will give you a detailed report. The home inspector will give you a full report on every aspect of the homes structure, complete with photos and recommendations on repairs and future preservation.

Right now a big one is carbon monoxide and radon testing – I personally haven’t had any buyers order these but If you do choose to order a radon test, this must be done ASAP as it takes time to get the results back from the lab, If you want to test for carbon monoxide you can pick up a kit from the hardware store and ask your home inspector to use it while inspecting, the test takes about 1/2hr to see results and can be left in place for 60-90 days.